Hillary’s best Marie Antoinette Impression


It was inevitable, what with her failing health and the rumors that she is suffering either from Parkinson’s Disease or Alzheimer’s, that Hillary Clinton would fail to keep her mouth shut and let the MSM cover for her until November. Some pundits have claimed that the “basket of deplorables” comment was her 47% moment, echoing what Mitt Romney said about Democratic voters during the 2012 election cycle.

Her comment shows her disdain for Americans who’ve not bought into the DNC lies. It demonstrates how little respect she has for people whose interests she cannot pander to while keeping her divisive coalition of minitories, gays, single women, and the over-educated all content. This is the age of identity politics, and the left is terrified that the alt-right has started to play, only with a much larger team. Hillary can’t make inroads with whites or men, or white men, without alienating the base she convinced are being victimized by whites and the patriarchy.

The feeling in America right now seems to me, to be what a Frenchman would have felt in the last days of the French monarchy. We don’t have the mass starvation but we do have threats to our employment. Hillary favors TPP and her husband passed NAFTA and GATT. They are globalists interested in the power and money they can bleed from the American working class (whites and males). The Democrats are out of touch.

There are movement by traditional Democratic voters, blacks and hispanics, to vote for Trump. Recently “Latinos for Trump” held “Operation Taco Bowl” in Orange County. It was an attempt, not sure how successful, to gin up support for the Republican candidate in a blue state among blue voters. Black Men for Bernie have switched sides. They are traveling across America’s rust belt trying to convince blacks to give a fair hearing to Trump. And Trump, more than any GOP nominee in my lifetime, is courting the black vote. He won’t win it, but he will win more than Romney and McCain combined. Because he is not lecturing, not telling the black community “the democrats are the real racists” and not promising hand outs. He is listening. He understands that he doesn’t understand, yet.

Hillary and the Democrats have traditionally owned the LGBT vote as well. And while they will probably win it in 2016 there is evidence to suggest that young gay men and women are starting to reconsider their allegiance to a party that is being bankrolled by Saudi investors. Saudi Arabia has an abysmal record on gay rights. Indeed gays are regularly murdered with impunity in the Kingdom. Witness “Twinks for Trump.” Indeed, in the UK gay men and women recently voted for the Tories, much to the shock of the left, who proceeded to call those gays traitors. Could we see a similar phenomenon in the US? Possibly. After the Supreme Court guaranteed gays the right to marry many moved to the next phase of their lives: planning a life with someone they love. That entails things like paying taxes, looking for good schools, and maintaining a middle class lifestyle. All those issues speak to gays in the same way they speak to straights. And in the next few years we will see many gay and lesbian former Democrats coming to the GOP.

Again, the GOP is not going to win the gay vote in 2016, but they are laying the groundwork for a future where the gay vote is up for grabs. This terrifies the left. The coalition they’ve created is breaking apart amid the new identity politics advanced by the right, specifically the alt-right. This is, I think, what pressured Sick Hillary into speaking about Americans who disagree with her as a “basket of deplorables.” Her coalition is breaking apart. Trump isn’t going to win blacks, hispanics or gays. But he will do well with all of them. Better than any Republican in my life. And that terrifies the left.

And so under the pressure of a failing coalition, low energy crowds at her rallies, and polls being rigged to show Trump either tied or slightly ahead in swing states, Hillary cracked. She can’t take the pressure. Marie Antoinette never said “let them eat cake” but the legend persists because she, like Hillary, was so out of touch with the people she governed that she could not see the gathering storm.