You’re Not Better Than Us – Why Trump Won

I’ve kinda been a dick about why God-Emperor Trump won on Gab, but I probably should give my readers (which I’ve been shocked to find out I have, thanks Keely and so many others!) some explanation, to my mind at least, as to why Trump really won.

It’s simple. The urbanites think they’re better than us, flyover folk. And they’re not. Never have been. We’re not better than the urbanites either, and we know it, because they keep acting like our Brahmins. But they’re not.

So let’s go down the list of urbanite, costal, legacy media explanations as to why Trump won, or to give a little deference to some, why Hillary lost.

  1. Trump was the protest candidate

Okay, maybe. Maybe for some he was a giant Fuck You to the system. But this doesn’t seem rational. First, a brief explanation. I live in a very red state. Even most of the Mexican immigrants I know don’t like Hillary or the costalists. Some even think the Mexicans in California are elitists. Maybe they are. I know there is a kind of hierarchy in Mexico, but I’m not that familiar with the nuances of Mexican social and class systems so I’m not going into it. And that’s not the point of this article anyway.

I think looking at Trump as the protest vote is a little bit blind. There are many who voted for him not against the system. In fact, I don’t like the establishment very much, but I’m pretty good with our system. If you look at the naked machinery of our government – federal, state, local – congress, the presidency, the courts – it works pretty well. Is it perfect? Nope. But it’s pretty damn good.

In fact, our “system” has an almost two thousand year history going back to the Roman Republic. Sure we in the Latin West and to a lesser extent the Greek and Cyrillic East have gone through monarchy as our executive branch and thistic dynasties as our legislative and judicial branch for centuries, but we’ve been pretty consistent in the application of our laws.

Even if “the system” didn’t always treat everyone the way 21st Century Southern Californians believe they should be treated the application of the law was usually consistent. To put this in more modern political terms, it’s a little like saying “gays have marriage equality because they have the same right as a straight man to marry a straight woman.” It’s technically, historically, and legally true, even if it’s not in line with modern Western ideas of happiness and fairness.

So the system isn’t really broken. Yea liberals, I get it, you’re pissed about the Electoral College. That’s not a broken system you hypocrites, that’s the system working. It prevents the disenfranchisement of the smaller and less densly populated areas. And that’s the point. That’s what the framers intended. They were not stupid or historically illiterate.

Before Marxist misunderstanding of history as a class struggle westerners understood history as a struggle between regions – rural against urban. The interests of both rarely coincided. It was agriculture against industry. It was about the ability to harvest the fruits of your labor, and the fruits of the Earth, with those who took the raw materials and did things with them to make life in their urban areas easier.

So no. Trump was not a Fuck You to a broken system. Most people are okay with with the system, even if it doesn’t always give them what they want.

  1. Trump voters are RSB_ (Racist, Sexist, Bigoted, _phobic), and so is Trump

This is not an argument or an explanation of modern American society, so much as it is an emotional lens used by people who have never been to the flyover states to understand people they’ve never met, but have only seen in TV, Movies and read about.

RSB_ is an ad hominum attack at best and an attempt to shut down debate at worst.

Let us address them in order.

  1. Trump has spent decades in the spotlight and has had the endorsement of many black friends. Before he decided to run for president as a Republican in 2015 no one had ever made a public accusation of racism against him that I could find, and I DDG (Duck Duck Go, because Google is passé and spies on you) long and hard for it.

Indeed, some predicted that Trump would win the vote of more blacks (and Hispanics) than Romney or McCain. He did. By a lot too. So perhaps accusations of racism against Trump and his supporters are to put it lightly – the product of a child’s mind.

  1. “Grab her by the pussy” I could see myself saying it. Most men could. The only people who couldn’t either don’t like pussy anyway, or are a bunch of coastal journalists who were feigning outrage. Men are aggressive, we respond to leaders. The history of the world teaches us that men follow strength, and by the way so do women. That’s why the like assholes I their personal lives. It’s why 50 Shades of Gray was a huge best seller and it’s why BDSM exists. Women like aggressive dominant men. Many of them voted for Trump too.

Moreover, Ivanka has gone on record as saying that her father is a feminist. Now that probably depends on how you define feminist, and who gets to be one, but it’s true that he has no problem putting women into positions of authority and leadership. Where it matters, he wants them to succeed too.

  1. Bigoted. Bit word. I use it here to cover the broad generalization that many on the left use when describing the views of their opponents. Marxism and its ideological descendants are not based on logic or reason, despite the protests of Marxists. It’s based on oscillating the emotions of listeners between fear and hope. Witness the birth of the art of rhetoric. Everyone uses it, but the left bases their philosophy on it. That’s why they have to resort to accusations of bigotry when confronted with an ideology that isn’t playing on their terms.

They don’t want to understand the concerns of nationalists. They don’t want to understand why Brexit passed, why Marine LePen and Viktor Orban are popular, or why Labour isn’t a serious threat to Conservative leadership in the UK. They don’t really want to understand why the GOP controls every branch of government in the US, despite how they’ve been claiming that the right is dying. Next.

_phobia. I’m sick of hearing about phobias. First phobias are irrational beliefs. If you’re a gay man and you’re afraid of Islam well, that’s not irrational. If you’re a Christian and you’re afraid of Islam, that’s not irrational. They really do treat Christians like second class citizens. They’re called dhimmi. “Not all…” okay but enough do. Enough to warrant general concern. It’s not “hateful” to want self-preservation. And in fact, “hate” is just as meaningless as “bigot” these days. It’s an emotional reaction to the inability to understand that you are playing football in a hockey rink. It’s the LA Rams vs. the Vancouver Canucks. If you play on the ice, you lose every time.

Most of Americans are not homophobic either. Most of us have gay friends or relatives. We have for a long time. We don’t hate them. Some may disagree with the use of the courts instead of the legislatures to change marriage laws, but that doesn’t mean they have an irrational fear of homosexuals. Trump is proud of the progress the GOP has made on gay issues. And yes, most republicans and conservatives I know are okay with gays getting married. Believing that a Baptist baker shouldn’t be forced to make a cake for someone’s wedding when he doesn’t believe their wedding is legitimate in the eyes of his beliefs is a bridge too far for many. It is an infringement on someone’s first amendment rights. The fact that the left hasn’t been able to destroy the moral of rural, religious Americans yet is frustrating to many of them. And you know what? I’m not religious, but I side with them on their first amendment rights. It is more important than the equality fetish of the Cultural Marxists.

And transphobia isn’t particularly irrational. Johns Hopkins, the university that pioneered gender reassignment surgery, no longer does the surgery. Transgenderism is seen as a kind of mental disorder by medical professionals. (For now, I’m sure the trans-lobby is pushing to redefine it) And I know plenty of liberal men who don’t take their daughters to Target.

  1. Trump supporters are uneducated.

I’m not. In point of fact I’m probably more educated than you. But so what. That’s the argument from authority. It’s prevalent in academia. They worship degrees. They worship institutions. “Harvard is better than Yale which is better than UConn and the people who go there, QUD I have a degree from Harvard and you went to UMass or UConn so you’re less intelligent than me.” That’s their line of thinking.

I see it every fucking day. And I’m sick of it. And so are the people who weren’t born with the opportunity to go to prep schools. Again, you’re not better than us.

And yes, Trump supporters are generally high school, not college educated. That’s not a bad thing. Student loans exceed credit card debt now, and many are predicting that the education bubble will burst. Soon. It probably will.

Most students today obtain degrees of varying utility. Some are outright useless. Anything with the word studies in it was created to suck money out of your bank account, not make you more logical or historically and scientifically literate. The fact that Trump supporters are not college educated doesn’t make them less intelligent than you, it makes them less in debt and less brainwashed. They may be “uneducated” but you’re the one who can’t think.

  1. Trump supporters are privileged straight cis-white men who don’t understand the plight of urbanites (PoC, Womyn, LGBTQ+ etc…)

Privilege is a dismissive word used to silence others. It’s not an argument or an explanation and you’re a moron for saying it.

Race, class, gender isn’t an argument or an explanation. They are the first three words in the syllabus of most history classes. Again, you have the IQ of a hot dog for trying to explain modern America with that paradigm.

  1. Trump was the lesser of two evils.

For some people this is true. Most of them didn’t vote for Trump though. They voted for Johnson or Stein. Yea Hillary was a corrupt and lazy “diplomat” and a pathetic senator from a gimmie blue state, but that doesn’t mean Trump is any of those things. Stop projecting your urban inferiority complex on the rural counties.

“Spirit cooking” is disgusting. There are pedos everywhere in government and the legacy media apparently. Check out the work Brittany and Nicole Pettibone have done on this if you don’t believe me.

And if some people wanted to vote, but didn’t want to vote for Hillary because she is corrupt and evil and would do irreparable harm to the government she has treated like her personal ATM for thirty years then so what? She has an unbroken history of corruption.

She is married to a man with a long history of assaulting women. If you’re too young to remember the 90s let me tell you she spent most of her time as first lady smearing and destroying the lives of Bill’s victims. She laughed about getting a child rapist off the hook.

She has been in government her entire life and is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of 250 million dollars. Sec of State must pay well. Or was that money made as first lady? I forget which pays more.

And you think Trump is all of these things. You’re projecting. Grow up.

  1. Sexism. If Hillary was a man with the same positions she would have won.


I’m a fan of a lot of women on the right, from Marine LePen to Ann Coulter. If either were American presidential candidates I’d vote for them too. I don’t like Marxists. Hillary is a Marxist.


So that’s what I’ve come to understand from reading the media outlets and listening to people over the last few days. It’s probably not comprehensive, but it’s simple enough to understand.

You lost because you think you’re better than us. You’re not.