Andy the Ninja – Prologue: A Last Chance for Sora

This excerpt from my novel Andy the Ninja sets the tone for the novel and introduces one of the main characters, Sora Ikatomo a ninja in training who one day dreams of having her own dojo. But first she must master the trials of the Spider Queen. Read it and buy it here!  And if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me everittfoster at

There was an echo like the sound of thunder approaching from somewhere beyond the horizon. The sun had just set over Tokyo and the crimson hue from the fading light crept across the clouds. And the clouds moved very slowly crossing the half-moon that lingered above the city.

She was tall for a Japanese woman. Maybe 5’9” or taller when she stood up with her shoulders back. She was svelte in build but her muscles could be seen under the midnight blue leather jacket and pants she was wearing. Her hair was long and straight descending down half of her back. Her hair was the blue of the sky after a crash of lightning. Electric blue she called it. She liked to stand out, which made her stand out from the rest of her peers. Her eyes were light brown and her brow furrowed a little as if she were growing impatient.

Her name was Sora Ikatomo.

She threaded a black hemp rope through the eye of a grappling hook and then loaded the stem of the grapple into her launcher. She was standing on a balcony overlooking downtown Tokyo. The neon was just beginning to light up, rivaling the fading sun. From behind her, “Sora, be careful with your aim. You have one shot.”

“Yes uncle,” she said. She did not look at the man she called uncle, but she did not need to. He was standing in the shadows adjusting a mechanized lift that he threaded onto the base of the rope. He secured the rope to the iron guardrails that protected the edge of the balcony.

She fired.

There was a gentle release of air, not an explosion, following the launch of the hook. As it was midflight she whipped the rope back and forth and snapped the hook onto something. Her uncle said, “I can go with you, only a little further. The artifact is yours alone to retrieve. For that is the test of the Spider Queen.”

“I understand.”

They latched themselves into two harnesses with small nearly silent motors on each and allowed the device to crawl them towards the top of the building.

Her uncle handed her a bundle which rattled with steel, she slung it over her back. She smiled at the elderly man. She turned towards the maintenance door on the top of the building and felt of the doorknob. She tried to turn it. Locked. No matter. She clapped her hands once, rubbed them building heat energy and held her hand over the door handle. It twisted and turned without any pressure from her. Then finally the lock clicked. There was a red light on an alarm. She waived her hand across it and the red “ALERT” turned to a green text “SECURED”.

 And then it was last of the fading light disappeared. Sora felt alone for the first time on her decade long quest to become a master.

There was a red and white fox standing on its hind legs beside her uncle. Her uncle turned to the familiar and said, what do we do if she fails?”

The fox pondered for a moment, breathed a sigh, and said, “There is always hope. This is not the end, this is the beginning of something great.”