Month: February 2017

ANR Interview with Bre Feacheux

Bre is an interesting woman, and the first explicitly altright writer I’ve interviewed since this project began with Brett Stevens back in October. She has been making waves with her YouTube commentary, especially her video Diversity in Books, which landed her on Red Ice’s interview list. YOu can find her on YouTube and on Gab @Bre_Feacheux

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Interview with Joshua van den Ham

Well my name is Joshua van den Ham, I live in the Netherlands. Born in 1988 and i studied microbiology, ended up as a gardener and I am now busy as a community manager for Warnation and I am also one of the Co-Founders of it. I have led in GW2 the Desolation community for a while and we got to be number 1! For that time, and we were also so organized back then, that if needed, to stop a flood of band-wagoners from coming in by tanking, I even created a small system back then with multiple servers, to balance the bandwagon flood, so that they get thinned out so much that they would not make a majority anymore back then. 

So yeah I kind of have a movable life, but it’s also one that lets me keep on learning and developing. My biggest dream eventually is that i get so far myself, that I can give other people jobs, so that less people have to worry about their income and have a good time living on this planet, while taking care of their families. I have known poverty myself and also how it is if you need to take care a lot of your family as the only man in the house and i am proud to see how my little brothers and sister are growing up! Specially when my dad left, I needed to do a lot more to at least try to fill that role a bit for them.

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