Month: April 2017

Some Thoughts on Syria, the AltRight, and Trump

First a few words…

So I’ve neglected this blog for a while now. Truth is I’ve been a little busy, and a little bit bored. I’ve neglected social media as well. Mostly I’ve just been hanging out on various AltRight Discord channels and talking with like minded people waiting for Summer and planning my future.

But now I’m thinking for sure my future will involve some form of public face. I’m interested more in culture than politics, but politics these days dominates culture and interacting with it is unavoidable. So I’m possibly going to do more interviews with writers. I enjoyed meeting and talking with them over the previous few months and Gab seems to be a little livelier these days than it had been in January and February.

So I think I’m going to make a little use of my background in military and European history today and put forth some of my opinions on the Syrian airbase attack as well as what it means for Trump and the AltRight. This might be a little stream of consciousness as well. Please forgive me. It’s not an in-depth analysis of anything, just a few thoughts. And really, isn’t that what a blog is about?

So first of all the attack on Syria.

It’s disappointing. I’m hurt by the fact that Trump went back on his campaign promise to not involve America in any unnecessary wars. And make no mistake about it, American involvement in a war in Syria is unnecessary. I’ve heard people on Gab talking about how we can’t let human rights violations go unpunished.

1. We’re not the world’s police. We have no moral or military obligation to “punish” anyone for anything. If you believe we do, then please go watch Black Hawk Down and tell me and the Rangers, Seals, and Deltas (and their families) what obligation we had to provide food to the people of Somalia in 1993. It’s okay, I’ll wait. Since the end of the Second World War there has been a drumbeat of politicians who want America to fight for the hearts and minds of the world via humanitarian missions. The notion that we have the responsibility to hold anyone accountable for “human rights violations” is to be polite, misguided. To be not so polite, it’s fucking absurd.

2. People have indicated that Assad did not have the chemical weapons. Here is a report from the Washington Post from 2014 indicating that Syria had turned over the last of its chemical weapons. It’s possible that it’s all bullshit. But let’s assume a leopard doesn’t change his spots. The people now on social media talking about how Obama and Kerry failed to get all the chemical weapons from Assad are the same people who lied through their teeth about there being nuclear weapons in Iraq. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I don’t trust these neocons and neither should any thinking person.

I’m not sure where this will lead. But you know what? Neither does anyone not in Trump’s inner circle. Lots of people on the right are saying we’re heading for WWIII. Possibly, but let’s hold off on that hysteria for a moment. Yes I’m mad about the attack on the Syrian airbase as well. But the fact that one attack happened doesn’t mean it will escalate. Remember it took politicians in Washington to turn the Gulf of Tonkin incidents wit the USS Turner Joy and the Maddox into the Vietnam War. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail.

About Trump and the AltRight…

Richard Spender of has posted a video you should watch. He is about as close as the AltRight has to an official spokesman so we should give some weight to what he has to say. Now I don’t agree with everything he’s been posting lately, but he is influential and thus we should take him seriously. Here is the video.

I know it is tempting to jump ship on Trump. We need to preserve our values and if Trump is going to betray us why should we stick with him?

The answer is quite simple: because it’s the closest thing we have to access to power right now. If we abandon Trump now he will be overwhelmed by neocons and in addition to war in the Middle East we’ll likely never get our border wall or the immigration reform he campaigned on. And if the demographics shift any further to the multicultural side, 2020 and beyond may become unwinnable. What then? We sit in our chat rooms and share MoonMan videos, Pepes and make jokes while Bernie brings in Somalians and Pakistanis? Sorry but that smacks too much of my libertarian days where we talked about theory all the damn time but never got anywhere.

Now, I’m not suggesting we change our beliefs or cuck out and go all in like we were posting “based” “dank” memes on r/The_Donald, but we need to understand that Trump is under a hell of a lot of pressure from people who hate him, and us. Every neocon and #NeverTrumper on Twitter and Reddit is gloating about the air strikes. They’ve turned a political defeat for their side into a (hopefully temporary) victory.

Fine. We all knew Trump was a businessman and a deal maker when we got on the TrumpTrain. That’s part of how we sold him to undecided voters, remember? Indeed on the eve of his victory he promised to be a President to all Americans. Unfortunately that also includes Bill Kirstol and Rick Wilson. Lindsey Graham and John McCain are happy again. It makes my stomach turn to know they feel joy today.

They scored a victory. But we can’t let an attack turn him into their puppet.

About the AltRight…

What happens to the movement if we simply turn up our noses and take our ball and go home? The AltRight has been the center of attention for months now. At least since Hillary’s stupid speech in August. This is attention that Vdare and AmRen didn’t get in years of posting. Don’t assume that it will continue. The left hates us and wants us to go to prison or be beaten to a pulp. The TruCons hate us and want us to go away so they don’t have to distance themselves from us at cocktail parties.

The legacy media and the cucks at National Review Online would be happy if they never had to write another article about race realism or the Islamicization of Europe again.

Continuing to support Trump, for now, is about keeping the Nationalist movement, identitarians, the AltRight, or however you identify yourself, in the spotlight and making sure we have a seat at the table.

There is the possibility that with a strong Trump administration, that we can put pro-Nationalism candidates on the ballot in some places for Congress in 2018. That would give us a little more authority. But if our voices are silenced the movement is as gone as the John Birch Society.

So, conservatives today should deal with Trump with the firmness Buckley dealt with the John Birch Society in 1962.

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And make no mistake that the neocons want their party back. There is no guarantee that the American right belongs to the AltRight today.

I’m upset about the Syria attack too. But I’m going to keep the faith, at least for a little while longer.

Now how much is a plane ticket to Budapest?