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How Fear Prevents Writing

How Fear Prevents Writing

One of the most frustrating aspects of writing for anyone, beginner or vet, is the moment when the novelty of a new story or article that has been floating around in your head pushes forth and demands to be written.

Many writers stumble at this point in time. I’ve done it both in school, while writing novels and short stories, and even recently while writing my political column at altright.com. But what is it that causes writers probably more than any other profession, to hesitate?

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How to Pick a College Major

So you decided to go to college. Maybe that’s a good idea, maybe it’s not. That’s not the point of this column. The question of whether college is, for you, a good idea will be addressed later (it’s been addressed in many other places so I’ll postpone writing about it for now). But for now we’ll ask the question: now that I’m here, what do I do with myself?

Hopefully you put some thought into what you wanted to study in college before going, but if you didn’t let’s start there.

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