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Gab Interview with Edward Willett

Edward Willett is an American ex-pat living in the Great White North. He is the author of several YA books which are mentioned in the interview. We talk about support from your family when you tell ‘em you want to pursue this crazy field for a living. We discuss the Bible and science fiction and why YA is so popular even among adults. Check him out on gab.ai/ewillett

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Andy the Ninja – Prologue: A Last Chance for Sora

This excerpt from my novel Andy the Ninja sets the tone for the novel and introduces one of the main characters, Sora Ikatomo a ninja in training who one day dreams of having her own dojo. But first she must master the trials of the Spider Queen. Read it and buy it here!  And if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me everittfoster at protonmail.com
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Andy the Ninja – Chapter 1

So I thought that to promote the release of my third book, Andy the NInja, I would publish the first chapter here on my blog. If you like it I hope you do hop over to Amazon and order it. You can find the link to the book here.

Chapter 1

This was a time before the war, before the fear, before the questions. Four young men touched down on the tarmac at Tokyo International Airport. As they expected, customs searched their bags and stamped their passports with friendly smiles. The young men knew about the strict drug laws in Japan, but aside from Porno Bob, none of them needed to worry. Even Bob wasn’t stupid enough to bring anything with him, not even to help his creativity. Spice was enough. And besides, they wanted to spend their student loan money on the best in gaming from Shembuku and Akihabra.

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Gab Interview with Daniel Humphreys

Daniel Humphreys is a writer I met on Gab, and he is a pretty interesting guy. Like many writers he went though ups and downs and experienced some frustrating things in his life. But he has a great book about zombies called “A Place Outside the Wild”. You can pick it up here, and follow him on Gab at gab.ai/danielhumphreys

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Gab Interview with Hans G. Schantz

Hans G. Schantz is a scientist (PhD in theoretical physics), an entrepreneur, and an author of the fictional book The Hidden Truth, an Ayn Rand-like book that merges philosophy, science, and the “big ideas” into a tight thriller narrative. It is the first in his series of books exploring those topics. You can pick up a copy of his novel here. Or check out his website at aetherczar.com He also gabs at gab.ai/aetherczar

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