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Gab Interview with Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Today’s interview is with the author of numerous books, primarily historical romances, Elizabeth Ellen Carter. She has created an impressive body of work for herself over the past few years, which anyone interested in quality history with a lot of love should check out here: http://eecarter.com/

You can also supporter her by getting a copy of her work here. She also has the distinction of being the first Ozzie I’ve interviewed for the Gab Interviews. We talk historical accuracy, what makes for good characters, conventions, and free speech.

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Gab Interview with Melissa Mészáros

Gab Interview with Melissa Mészáros

Melissa is a young Hungarian-American nationalist and YouTuber. She was born in New Jersey and returned to Hungary with her family as a teenager. Her channel is mostly devoted to videos of Hungarian issues, but she also comments on things as diverse as the American election in 2016 and more humorous things like “migrant hunting” in Budapest. You can find her on YouTube/kittensinurface or Twitter.com/kittensinurface

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Gab Interview with Morgon Newquist

Morgon Newquist is the second writer from Silver Empire that I’ve interviewed. The first was Russel Nequist not even two months ago. She has some interesting things to say about how to get yourself going, what challenges face indie publications in the future, whether you should pursue that MFA and a host of other interesting things!

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Gab Interview with Edward Willett

Edward Willett is an American ex-pat living in the Great White North. He is the author of several YA books which are mentioned in the interview. We talk about support from your family when you tell ‘em you want to pursue this crazy field for a living. We discuss the Bible and science fiction and why YA is so popular even among adults. Check him out on gab.ai/ewillett

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Gab Interview with T.S. Pettibone

Brittany and Nicole Pettibone, who write under the pen name, T.S. Pettibone, are the authors of The Hatred Day Series. Hatred Day, book one, is available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Expected publication for Verdict Day, book two, is 2017.

Brittany and Nicole Pettibone were born in California, grew up in Kansas, and these days, live and write in California. On the rare occasion that they break from writing, they enjoy being outdoors, taking their dog on night walks, reading the classics, drinking too much coffee, traveling the world, making friends out of strangers and learning new things—especially when these things are in any way related to architecture, politics, history, geography, foreign languages and cultures, cars, motorcycles, weapons and martial arts.

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Andy the Ninja – Prologue: A Last Chance for Sora

This excerpt from my novel Andy the Ninja sets the tone for the novel and introduces one of the main characters, Sora Ikatomo a ninja in training who one day dreams of having her own dojo. But first she must master the trials of the Spider Queen. Read it and buy it here!  And if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask me everittfoster at protonmail.com
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