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ANR Interview with Bre Feacheux

Bre is an interesting woman, and the first explicitly altright writer I’ve interviewed since this project began with Brett Stevens back in October. She has been making waves with her YouTube commentary, especially her video Diversity in Books, which landed her on Red Ice’s interview list. YOu can find her on YouTube and on Gab @Bre_Feacheux

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Gab Interview with George Spisak

George publishes under both Kyra and George Spisak, depending on genre. She’s up too late doing too many things, but usually gets at least one or two things done before passing out with the light still on. Her list of published stories can be found here (https://georgespisak.wordpress.com/updated-list-of-publications/)   You can follow George on Gab at gab.ai/SkullyWrites

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Andy the Ninja – Chapter 1

So I thought that to promote the release of my third book, Andy the NInja, I would publish the first chapter here on my blog. If you like it I hope you do hop over to Amazon and order it. You can find the link to the book here.

Chapter 1

This was a time before the war, before the fear, before the questions. Four young men touched down on the tarmac at Tokyo International Airport. As they expected, customs searched their bags and stamped their passports with friendly smiles. The young men knew about the strict drug laws in Japan, but aside from Porno Bob, none of them needed to worry. Even Bob wasn’t stupid enough to bring anything with him, not even to help his creativity. Spice was enough. And besides, they wanted to spend their student loan money on the best in gaming from Shembuku and Akihabra.

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