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A Summer of Writing

A Summer of Writing

Yea I promised to stop neglecting this blog in my last post. But I’ve got a good excuse. I submitted some writing to altright.com and they published it. Now I’m a contributor there and put out about two sometimes three articles per week. So that’s where much of my writing has been lately.

But in other news things are going quite well. Yes politically I’m a little disappointed right now, but life in general is pretty good. It’s the beginning of June and this time of year always inspires me to get out and do… something. So I’ve recently decided this summer will be a summer of writing. Mostly because that is what has fallen into my lap.

I’m going to keep putting up my columns at altright.com (for as long as they’ll have me). I recently spoke with Pat Dollard about doing some writing for a project he is working on, I’ll reveal more later as the project comes together. Last night I spoke with author Jon Del Arroz about an anthology he is working on and he asked me to submit a piece of short sci-fi for it. I’m also working on two books, one novel one non-fiction.

My short fiction project, Uprising Review, including the podcast I host with Stephen is going great. We have some amazing stories coming along, a new one every Monday and new content most days. Be sure to follow our work there.

So this will be a summer of writing. I’m excited.

What exactly am I writing?

The novel I’m working on is a historical adventure set in Renaissance Italy. Specifically it’s a story about two friends and a year of their lives in a fencing academy. It takes place at the end of the life of Lorenzo de Medici in Florence, and is a kind of meditation on the nature of government, man’s relationship to the state, relationship to each other, and the nature of identity. I think Florence and Venice are a nice contrast in styles of government as well as the type of person that each produces. What constitutes a free state? Is democracy desirable, is everyone capable of governing themselves? In a way this book, tentatively titled Two Princes, is something I’m really proud of. And it will allow me a way to exercise my love of history without having to write some dusty tome full of footnotes and references to academic journals no one will ever read. I’ve had it with academia, I want the freedom to write what I want.

The piece of non-fiction doesn’t have a name yet, but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about for a while now. It concerns the nature of identity in the 21st century. It will look at the nature of race, gender, national identity, religious identity, chosen cultures, and other things we use to identify ourselves. It is about a rebellion against the libertarian individualism that to me has caused a lot of the problems my generation (X) and the Millennials are dealing with. We’re all looking for who we are, but because of fear we do not embrace the tribal identities we are born with. Newly elected French president Emmanuel “I married my molester” Macron recently said there is no French culture, there is culture in France and it is diverse.

If Europeans attempt to embrace their culture they are called racist and xenophobic. The educational system is also complicit in the stripping of European identity. God forbid someone should feel bad about the fact that Europeans and white Americans invented most of the modern world. But that is something I’ll be going into in this book.

The short story I’m writing for Jon is part of his Planetary Anthology. My story is set on Mars and will take me back to the universe I created in 2015 when writing the short stories that would become “The Storm Fishers and Other Stories.” Since I was just invited to write for this anthology last night I don’t have much to say about the story, except I’m planning on something historical. Maybe it will involve the archaeological excavation of an early human settlement on Mars. I’m not sure yet but I do know I want to play with history and science in this story.

I’ll be posting the occasional update here, probably not daily, but I’ll try to get updates out weekly. Maybe even several times a week. You can follow me on Gab at gab.ai/ever where I spend most of my online time, or again check out my work at altright.com and uprisingreview.com